A growing number of economic sectors are highly regulated, in addition to being highly technical. Their operation is monitored by specific regulatory authorities, while they remain also within the jurisdictional scope of ordinary courts and competition authorities. The balance of power in these markets is often part of the same types of issues (technical and pricing conditions, market access). Assessing such issues requires in-depth knowledge not only of the regulations, but also of the sector itself and its stakeholders (market players, as well as regulatory authorities)


A fervent defender of the opening of energy markets, our firm works alongside alternative operators and new entrants on the full range of issues throughout the value chain: transport, distribution, relations with end users. The distinctive characteristic of the firm is to combine regulatory and competitive approaches in order to ensure that French domestic law is brought into line with the principles derived from EU law.


An emblematic sector of the successive disruptions caused by technological progress and increased competition, the telecommunications market is the scene of massive investments, constant revisions of business models and attempts at collaboration between suppliers, which continue to attract the attention of the regulators. Having followed its evolution since 1999, we have a rare expertise in this sector. In addition to liberalization, unbundling, the development of ADSL and now fiber optic networks, we have extensively advised and litigated for clients, including on issues related to digital ecosystems and net neutrality.


Regularly distinguished for our expertise in this field, we advise and represent in court several major international companies in the pharmaceutical sector on a broad range of competition issues (distribution in pharmacies and hospitals, pricing, relations between market players, including the sensitive issues of originators and generics competitive relationships). We also advise on a regular basis the sectoral professional associations. On all regulatory aspects (price fixing by the CEPS, administrative litigation, etc.), we mobilise our own skills and, where necessary, also work in an integrated way with experts in health law.


We assist several major market players in the media sector on issues related to content, agreements with rights holders, distribution, technical integration of platforms and solutions, relations between competitors at the different levels of the value chain. This expertise often requires a strong understanding of the sectoral regulation on electronic communications, but also an ability to mobilize skills in commercial and regulatory litigation (ARCOM, Council of State) in the event of disputes.


We assist operators, particularly in the railway sector, with regard to the technical and pricing conditions for access to the network, the content of the network statement, as well as in the settlement of disputes before the transport regulator and before the Paris Court of Appeal. We also work with the public authorities to flag the challenges of a project or its implications and have the skills to design and propose reform schemes, then help with their implementation by participating in the drafting of the necessary legislative and regulatory provisions.


Digital transformations are shaking up traditional industries but are also bringing out new rules aimed at specifically regulating these activities. Digital platforms, advertising technologies, data collection and use are closely scrutinised by competition authorities and are becoming the subject of strong sectoral regulation. In keeping with these developments, and regularly advising major players in this sector, our objective is to anticipate and be a thought leader on these topics.